Caring For Your New Cedar Shake Roofing

Cedar shake roofing can add quite a bit of charm to a home and can last many years if you tend to it properly. If you're considering a new cedar shake roof for your home or have recently had one installed, it's imperative that you learn what it takes to protect it from premature failure. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you protect the condition of your new cedar shake roofing. Read More 

Safely Removing Snow And Ice From Your Roof

When winter winds start to blow, ice and snow buildup on your roof could lead to damage and costly repairs. While most roofs can stand up to a fair bit of snow, you may need to clear your roof if snowfall has been particularly heavy or if you notice your gutters are clogged. Clearing Snow and Ice From Your Roof The safest way to remove snow from your roof yourself is to use a long snow rake. Read More 

Don’t Ignore Your Apartment Complex’s Roof Damage

The tenants in your community pay their rent with the expectation you'll do your part to maintain the property. If some of the buildings in your community have roof damage, and you've neglected repairs — you're not fulfilling your end of the deal. Not only will you have a group of unsatisfied tenants, but you could also open the door to all sorts of other problems. Rent Withholding In some states, tenants have the legal authority to withhold rent when the landlord fails to properly maintain the property, especially if the outcome of their failure is unfavorable living conditions. Read More 

Time To Install A New Roof? Top Benefits Of Asphalt Shingles

Taking time to do the necessary tasks for your home can allow you to maintain it and keep the value of it high. Fortunately, most things can be done by hiring a professional to assist you. Putting a new roof on your home could be a task you need to do shortly. If so, it's a great idea to consider using asphalt shingles for this job. There are many advantages of this roofing material, and knowing what some of these are may be helpful. Read More 

4 Reasons To Install Tile Roofing Material

Do you take pride in the appearance of your home? If so, it can cause you to put some thought into what type of material is going to go on your roof, especially when an upcoming roof replacement is necessary. Here are four reasons to go with tile for the roofing material of your roof. Tile Is Durable The one part of your home that is continuously exposed to outdoor weather is your roof, even if it is just the heat of the sun beating down on it during the middle of the summer. Read More